My experience of depression and anxiety as a person living with ‘learning difficulty’ or weird brain whatever you want to use!

Bird On The Wire

I just had a really interesting lecture at university today about the prevalence of mental health disorders in people with developmental disorders. These can be Autism, Dyslexia, Developmental coordination disorder and Williams Syndrome, Downs syndrome and any others you can think of.

There was a case study of a girl with Downs syndrome who did really well at school lots of friends very capable but when she left, she couldn’t get a job and enter into a deep depression that eventually led  to psychosis – our lecturer asked us to think if the psychosis could have been prevented had the girl been able to access employment and continue the stimulating environment she was used to. As such, does society expectations result in negative clinical outcomes as opposed to the disorder.

I was going to write my lecturer an email but thought it would be too inappropriate so I’ll post it…

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