Winter Reflection

«So now I’m thinking about moving to the sea, there are places that still cheap and its possible to get a studio flat for the same price as a room in a shared house of 6 people in London. That if I can live on nothing at all but still keep my freedom then – that’s the kind of life I want to live.»

Bird On The Wire

It is my last and final year in which I have experienced university. I was all set to go into a mental health career – but there is such a level of low I couldn’t explain until know.

But I recently felt called read Patti Smith – M train, it is her in the hear now travelling around being a writer – watching the world change from the 60’s, I’ve just got to the part were a cafe she had frequented many a time had closed, it was her sacred space the way she writes takes me right there to her place, as her and the cafe owner stood alone looking around in silence as they said their own goodbyes. For really there are not sacred spaces they are being taken away.

The point is she has awakened the writer that lies inside of me, and I just had a…

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