Bird On The Wire

Its January 1st 2019 I’m ready for something and so should you be.

Screw new years resolutions but instead think of ways that you can change your life, or at least think of some ways that make you feel truly alive and challenged. New years resolutions always begin with giving up something or trying to be more healthy. Most of the time if you think about it unhealthy habits is a consequence that occurs due to a lack of challenge or a lack of meaning in our lives.

Today I found this video and it has inspired me.  It has started getting me thinking about how I can improve my own drive. For the past few years am not experiencing fulfilment in my life, in respect of friends and social life or even a loving relationship. However, going to university has been filling the gap at some points, I still…

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Bird On The Wire

I saw this trailer and then watched a speech by Jimmy Carter

We are at a turning point in history 1979 and 2017, We discovered only things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning.

It’s interesting in the real speech that can be found on Youtube. He talks of two paths of America. Both paths offer similar premises in the sense that now the American dream is one that is about competition and consumption which is now seen as a value because it is economical. I think that maybe he should have been clearer on the values on the second path unity and in this together but being patriotic can be dangerous and short-sighted. Thinking only of one nation, and with pride narrows our focus only on the people who share our culture meaning we perceive everyone else as an outsider and a threat. Being one of the…

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Winter Reflection

«So now I’m thinking about moving to the sea, there are places that still cheap and its possible to get a studio flat for the same price as a room in a shared house of 6 people in London. That if I can live on nothing at all but still keep my freedom then – that’s the kind of life I want to live.»

Bird On The Wire

It is my last and final year in which I have experienced university. I was all set to go into a mental health career – but there is such a level of low I couldn’t explain until know.

But I recently felt called read Patti Smith – M train, it is her in the hear now travelling around being a writer – watching the world change from the 60’s, I’ve just got to the part were a cafe she had frequented many a time had closed, it was her sacred space the way she writes takes me right there to her place, as her and the cafe owner stood alone looking around in silence as they said their own goodbyes. For really there are not sacred spaces they are being taken away.

The point is she has awakened the writer that lies inside of me, and I just had a…

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Take A Chance

Bird On The Wire

I was feeling a bit rubbish this week, for a number of reasons. Mainly I can’t stop thinking about all the failures I’ve had in life. It is frustrating because I’m continually remembering the young girl who was so keen to get started on this amazing career path, that was not known at the time.  It is not certain why, because my family never really focused on this with me. Maybe it is a consequence of my mother who got her degree and was a teacher at school. This was all whilst she was a single parent having to look after a very stubborn and tantrum-making child. I believe perhaps this is something that has motivated me. Yet she always told me to work hard and take any job I could as it was about ‘just getting on with it’. But I always had big ideas for myself. More recently…

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My experience of depression and anxiety as a person living with ‘learning difficulty’ or weird brain whatever you want to use!

Bird On The Wire

I just had a really interesting lecture at university today about the prevalence of mental health disorders in people with developmental disorders. These can be Autism, Dyslexia, Developmental coordination disorder and Williams Syndrome, Downs syndrome and any others you can think of.

There was a case study of a girl with Downs syndrome who did really well at school lots of friends very capable but when she left, she couldn’t get a job and enter into a deep depression that eventually led  to psychosis – our lecturer asked us to think if the psychosis could have been prevented had the girl been able to access employment and continue the stimulating environment she was used to. As such, does society expectations result in negative clinical outcomes as opposed to the disorder.

I was going to write my lecturer an email but thought it would be too inappropriate so I’ll post it…

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Hallucinations; A process of healing?

~ Contemplations ~

Bird On The Wire

I have been thinking to allot about schizophrenia and other ‘conditions’ where hallucinations are a part of an individuals life. I wondered to myself whether it is how we approach such ‘conditions’ that change affects how a hallucination plays out. If people live in a society that is very negative then it would make sense that the hallucination would turn into nightmare scenarios, leading to a sense of doom and paranoia. However, if we lived in a positive society, and there was no stigma, wouldn’t this then effect how hallucinations play out, that instead, they become more positive, or at least manageable. This means instead of trying to stop hallucinations you focused on building a positive outlook as well as reducing the amount of shame that someone may feel because we have marked such differences as bad, and strange and bizarre. Despite the stigma, there could be a high number…

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Oh La Life

Bird On The Wire

So far it has been a month here in Spain. I am doing ok with my teaching, though learning to do this has gone by the wayside as I’m juggling – trying to learn Spanish as well as two Coursera courses; one the philosophy of science and the other on how to learn more effectively. So this is my general activities through the week. Nothing much to report there, other then I spent a really nice time with the people I work with so that it feels like I belong and in this month I feel settled into the routine here.

Mainly I have realized that this trip is less about teaching English and more of the reminder of what it means to be at the heart of travel. This weekend, I decided to dive into Couchsurfing and host. Couchsurfing is a website I have used since I was about…

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The Self and Learning.

like a rainbow in a rainstorm

Bird On The Wire

Have you ever experienced a time when you cannot do something to the same level as others around you? have you felt that you don’t fit in? Have you lived a life where your abilities are always judged? Do you wonder to yourself why am I always behind? Many have, but for people with learning disabilities, these challenges are a common occurrence. The reason I am writing this is that I have some issues with learning, I get overwhelmed easily both emotionally and with work. It can be labelled as dyspraxia and dyslexia but for the sake for sanity to those that don’t agree in these terms, let’s just call it the struggle.

I wanted to talk about this as I’m currently doing something that I felt I could not do. That is to understand and teach English. Grammar to me was something I would never grasp, so learning to…

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Culture Trip: Finding the Essence of a Place.

Bird On The Wire

Back in the day when I used to travel it was all with the aid of lonely travel and that generally consisted of the books, or on the online forums if there was a specific question. That was over 10 years ago. Since being in Valencia I’ve found Culture Trip, this website is so beautifully designed and has given some great tips on where to go.  It less touristy and more locally focused. Its a young start-up company from London,  I hope that it continues to run as they have some excellent writers as well as photographers and web designers on their team.

Not only do they have a website but also incredible videos. This one about Cornish pasties made me tear up a little. I believe it is because I am saddened by the loss of the past in which the emphasis was on family business. In addition products…

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