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Pajulahti 2017 - This is how you can follow the Goalball European Champions Και φυσικά «το μαχαίρι θα φτάσει στο κόκαλο»… – του Νίκου Μπογιόπουλου Μην το πετάξεις… Χάρισε το – A New Life Astonishing Updates On The Potential Alien Body Unearthed In Nazca, Peru. U Entire Alien Family Unearthed In Nazca, Peru. Rothschild: 'New … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Γκαζές του Σεπτέμβρη ’17.


Modern Day Loneliness

You ‘re not alone in being alone…

Bird On The Wire

Currently there has been a surge of writing and articles of loneliness in the modern day society. In the past loneliness was mainly restricted to older adults who find themselves isolated and unable to socialise. However these days the younger generation has also been affected.

I remember I was sitting on the coach with a friend once and I overhead a deep and intense conversation from a girl. They appeared to be travelling to a wedding and old friends. The girl must have been in her late 20/30’s and she ended up opening up and telling her friend how lonely she was. She said she had a good job and was in a house share and everything was going well.  However she didn’t have any close friends, though she could still talk to her housemates she didn’t have someone she felt she could go out for a drink with and…

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Wish You Were Here.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bird On The Wire

I’ve been to the Pink Floyd Exhibition today in the V&A. I don’t know much of Pink Floyd I couldn’t say I was a knowledgable fan but the songs I know, I love.  I’ve just basically written my experience based on the songs I know, although the exhibition is so much more then that and so is Pink Floyd.

The first I knew about Pink Floyd was when I started working in Virgin Megastores when people actually bought CDS, both the dark side of the moon and the writing against the wall were albums that still in 2009 flew off the shelves. The Album covers always intrigued me as did the large catalogue that took up a large section of the displays.

The second I knew about the Pink Floyd was the song I wish you were here. My ex boyfriend was a musician but more of a bedroom one…

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Uncle Albert

Bird On The Wire

Inline image 1

This is a true story of something that happened to day and I simply had to write about it.
Today I had just finished at the care home and was about to cross the road when to the side of me the man who looked like uncle Albert in the picture above, spitting image same hair, same beard, same hat, bright blue yes. He says to me  ‘I’ll wait till you go cause I can’t see very well’ So of course I helped him across the road – when to the other-side he goes to the nearest lamp post cause ‘i’m feeling a bit unbalanced’  Anyway, turns out the pub didn’t let him in so he wanted to try the next one just in front of where we were. Do you want to join he says, I was like ok only for one drink. Anyway, we get to the doors…

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Νέες γκαζές του Αυγούστου ’17

Low Mood, Making Changes – ΓΚΑΖΕΣ – τα γυαλένια μας Ποιοι και πως στέλνουν όπλα στους τζιχαντιστές - stavroslygeros.gr Σιγά μη φοβηθώ, σιγά μην κλάψω… – Μάνος Δανέζης Εξοπλισμός ISIS― Απόλυση της δημοσιογράφου που αποκάλυψε #dilyana A Lesson for the US: Cuba's Response to Hurricanes | News Greeker Than The Greeks: Keftedes: Traditional Greek Meatballs. … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Νέες γκαζές του Αυγούστου ’17.

Low Mood, Making Changes

Indeed, the meaning of life reveals itself in the process of getting to know thyself. It is accumulative, the more one searches the more one understands, though it never stops… until we’re off.

Bird On The Wire

The question of Living and the meaning of life continues to impress it self upon me. The further I go in my psychology education and the more I meet people with or having had mental health, I wonder more, why do people suffer and more importantly what makes them think of either ending their life or of filling an as a friend said disappearing into a void of nothing.

For my own experience I most certainly have felt at low mood throughout my teenage years, I guess that is to be expected. Struggling with changing hormones, coming from a single parent family, having problems at school with bullies would make someone feel low. Its not unusual. Luckily I didn’t have a boyfriend till quiet late, otherwise something like that may tip the bucket.

I  know that whilst I didn’t self harm as such, if things got to much I might…

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A Woman In Berlin

Bird On The Wire

This is an excerpt from a real diary written in World War two by a German woman who lived in Berlin. It is of the time when the Russians occupied Berlin and the woman there suffered allot constantly raped whilst their men could do nothing but stand back. Interestingly WIKI pages noted that the author is Martar Hillers, and when the diary was published the woman of Germany were angry that such secrets had been revelved, furthermore her first husband left after what was revealed.

This saddens me due to the brutal honesty written in the pages, and the pain that must have been felt, however despite everything the strong nature of Marta and her ability to survive and still find joy in life.

The excerpt below was written once things had calmed down and it was so insightful and so to me a really beautiful description of the human…

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Οι γκαζές του Αυγούστου ’17

Μάχη με τις φλόγες για τρίτη ημέρα Υπάρχει κι άλλος δρόμος: επιστροφή στη φύση, αειφορία, αυτάρκεια US Trade Unionist Unmask Mass Media Lies on Venezuela Assembly | News Φυσαλίδες | πιτσιρίκος Βενεζουέλα: Στρατιωτικές ασκήσεις μετά τις απειλές Τραμπ jacque fresco,πολιτισμός τύπου 1 Release The Hounds - Moderate Rebels From Syria To Venezuela Ενενήντα δύο πυρκαγιές … Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε Οι γκαζές του Αυγούστου ’17.

Abnormal Food Media

Bird On The Wire

I am sitting here today and I was sorta in an anxiety state because I ate allot of stuff over the past couple of weeks.  I had thought to myself that I am so worried lately because of all the talk of eating healthy and that its recommended to exercise 30 minutes a day. I though this isn’t normal to feel like this.  When I was younger we didn’t have this kind of talk everywhere, we just ate how we ate, my mum made good food and small portions. Now both me and my mum are here today, talking about food and whats the best thing to eat. She recently stated that she will only eat fruit and veg she has cut out so many foods and  to a worrying amount.

For me, luckily my willpower is lacking and I can’t  stick to such a strict regime. That doesn’t stop…

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The Trap

Bird On The Wire

I’ve been on a bit of a documentary binge today and it is made me feel inspired. The first documentary I’ve been watching is about Bedlam a psychiatric hospital in London.

Currently in my mind I’m really interested in Madness, is there such a thing? What is being sane. Interestingly Freud the psychoanalyst came into the profession due to an epidemic called Hysteria or so say, a book on this I read quickly in the bookshop said it was a type of disease that came and went and is very rare. A quick look on the internet tells me it was just something that was given to a range of behaviours that were abnormal , which Freud attributed to nerves (according to wiki pages). This is slightly confusing  due to the documentary having a lady sectioned having lost her sense of self. She didn’t know who she was, she was…

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