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Noble state of mind

Bird On The Wire

This is a gratitude post. I’m a wrought with either anxiety or excitement. I work up at 5.30 am this morning, feeling like a child ready to go on holiday. I guess it was last nights revision and how our stress hormones affect us, they say the body reacts the same to stress or excitement. Its how we perceive the changes happening inside our body that is different.

I’m just about to further prepare for my biology exam. I have completed a mindfulness exercise of 3 minutes, especially for exams. My heart is beating and my stomach is restless. While I sat there, I just felt so honoured to be able to spend 4 years of my life getting to know the brain. As I sat there quietly, I thought back to my first time giving a relaxation meditation to a group of patients I have come to know well…

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In life we suffer. In suffering we live.

Το Ταξίδι…

Bird On The Wire

Today has been a strange day were a sudden flux of connections occurred. As in the previous post, I had just finished reading about Sandra a trauma cleaner from Sydney from Australia. She who turned her suffering into service. Serving those who suffered. Later today I was on the home page of Youtube and saw a video made by a woman called Claire Wineland. Claire lives with Cystic Fibrosis, she is also a public speaker and now the head of a charity that gives social support to other individuals who have Cystic Fibrosis. The core theme of both is suffering. What we make of it.

The key message from Claire is that life is not about being happy. Happiness is as she said a chemical reaction in the brain. The focus that we are to be proud of ourselves and know what we have to offer the world and to…

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Vulnerability and Connection

Bird On The Wire

I’ve just finished the book Trauma Cleaner by  Sarah Krasnostien. It is about Sandra, born a man, transformed into being a woman.  She suffered from youth through a family that did not give her the love she needed. She was shut out her of her home at a young age away from family life, let to peer through a window of family interaction she was not invited to partake in. This lead to the incredible story of prostitution, and loss through to love, connection and service to others.

A trauma cleaner in Australia will go to houses where suicide or death has taken place, but also to houses where people have given up. Often a trauma cleaner’s assist those who have taken to hoarding. Something is now seen as a mental illness. Hoarding occurs when a person is unable to let go of any of their possessions, such much so that the…

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Losing a Childs Voice

Bird On The Wire

I’ve recently read some old school reports from primary school and secondary school. My mother found them recently, weirdly enough near both of our birthdays.  I’ve wanted to add gaps in my knowledge that lead up to this diagnosis of a learning difference.

When I first started secondary school I received my one and only glowing report. Yet, apparently, there was a worry because I didn’t widen my circle of friends. I know what happened, I became friends with the outsider, the one everyone did not like, she didn’t have much money and she didn’t dress well.  Well, the point was I became an outsider, she was also a person that didn’t go to school much. Meaning I was alone most of the time. Thus, I was a social pariah. Added to that the fact we had no money, that everyone thought my family lived in a motor caravan, and…

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Way to go, young lady!

Bird On The Wire

I was just reflecting on the fact that we know so little about ourselves about how our body or brain works on an individual level. Since studying psychology I have gained somewhat an insight into myself as well, it has to lead me to realize that people are so different and how I am is not typical of how others are.

Sometimes, it does make you feel quite distant from the world. You ask the question how will I make it in a world that requires everyone to be the same.

One day I want to be a professional and help people. I feel like something needs to happen in order for that to happen. Well a logical explanation would be is that I learn, I gain knowledge. But it is not as simple as that, in order to be in this world you have to be able to socially…

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Big Wide Space

Bird On The Wire

In a thought, the internet despite its hugeness is so limiting.  This is because there is nothing better than feeling the wideness of a mind, and the ability to create something physical. When we look at my laptop we look at only a tiny amount of space, and we focus on that tiny bit of information, it leads us, the search makes its own association, using its own memory.

How limited that space is. When we think and we walk and our mind is going at 50 miles an hour building experience, building memory creating action. That is infinite. Only does the outside world provide a large enough canvas and only through our real-life interactions with others do we make this experience even larger.  Do we really want machines that take away that power, that feeling, that energy? All our words on that tiny screen when really it could take over…

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Fuck Fear

Bird On The Wire

» Right now so many of us have been sleeping for such a long time, so many centuries. Its time for us to say, you know what. Fuck everybody who thinks I should suppress my identity myself, fuck everybody who thinks I need to dumb down my art. No, I’m going to go off» «You are all human, you are born the same and you die the same. »
Don’t waste your energy talking to some stupid guy, and sometimes sleeping with them, just because. Know your worth. When I started knowing my worth I was able to manifest what was worthy of me» Mari Malack

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More To A Person Then Meets The Eye

Hear, hear!

Bird On The Wire

I’ve been spent some time of late reflecting upon the power of recovery, the power of gaining what is lost. Through my volunteering with dementia patients and those with mental illness, I have seen such a strength, resilience and hidden abilities.

There have been many times I have read accounts or been in discussions with people who underestimate the ability for people to get better. They give all sorts of probabilities, such as this person will never speak again, they will be unlikely to walk, they will intellectually challenged. Whether it be a child who is born with autism or a child born with down syndrome, or if someone has had a stroke and caused damage to their brain.

It is hard to put together everything I want to say or am thinking so I have to put it in parts because there is allot linking different things together.

First, its…

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Hygge ‘Socializing for Introverts’

Being a human

Bird On The Wire

I keep being drawn towards the book Hygge, its the Danish style of living. It means being ‘consciously cozy’. There is a similar mindset in Holland. Today I saw the book again, It was for some reason in that moment I opened the book and saw people in wooly hats passing whiteboard houses with flowers, that made me so angry. I thought to myself why on earth in the UK we have the same climate and beautiful countryside and yet no-one is relaxing on bikes, there are not many window sills if any window sills with flowerpots. Furthermore, we are constantly being enclosed by buildings. The building is blocking all views of the river, we are being entrapped in mazes of glass wealth.  The river is our lifeblood.  Not only that but we fail to, or, even want to spend time together unless of course, it’s in a blinking pub. Which all…

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Podcast to health


Bird On The Wire

I have just found these brilliant podcasts about comedians and depression. It is an open and honest conversation about things people usually do not want to talk about.


I particularly agree with Maria Bamford who has spent time in an inpatient’s ward which she said quote ‘these are not healing places, nothing is going on’

In addition, she then goes on to say the art direction of these places would be as follows ‘  lets break two more chairs, let’s take 8 pieces out of every puzzle.I wanna have a big screen TV at full volume, lose the remote, no one can find out it. In the back lets have 40 extras in little nightgowns waiting in line for 1 packet of crackers’

I volunteer in Occupational health for the 0ver 65s and its pretty much the same over in the UK. Adding humor does help in some ways because it lightens the…

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